#Gustotrekking: the nectar of Gods

You decide when to leave

You will leave from Sasso Marconi walking along the first   stretch of the historical Via degli Dei (Way of Gods), the ancient roman road that links Bologna to Florence.

Here, along the reserve of the Pliocene Buttress (place characterised by fossils and shells as evidence of a Pliocenic sea), you will arrive to the Farm Factory Piccola Raieda for a guided tour to discover the world of the bees and the Beekeeper’s work.

Dinner with a thematic menu based on honey. Overnight stay.

The second day you will have a trek in the Reserve up to Mount Adone, with its unique stone towers shaped by the wind, rain, snow over the centuries.

Return to Sasso Marconi and back to Bologna by train.

Price per person:

Euros 130,00 (minimum for two people)




Overnight stay


From Sasso Marconi
and back 
2 days - 1 night



Day 1:

You leave from Sasso Marconi to reach the path of the Way of Gods (Sasso Marconi – Badolo – Brento).

Arrival in the farm factory Piccola Raieda and guided tour. Thematic dinner and accomodation.

Day 2:

Trekking inside the Riserve of Pliocenic Buttress, walking on the ring of Mount Adone, up to its top.

Back to Sasso Marconi and then to Bologna (by train).

Recommended period: spring, summer and autumn

The price includes:

- Overnight stay and breakfast in farmhouse;

- Lunch bags (except the first day);
- Dinner in a farmhouse;
- Liability insurance.


The price does not include:


- Single room surcharge;​​

- Extra food and drinks or other extras;

- Transfer to the starting location;

- Anything not mentioned in the item "the price includes".


To make a reservation, it is necessary to complete the application form and sent to the indicated references.

A deposit is required for booking.

All transactions are to be made by bank transfer.

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