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The Via degli Dei is not only an experience worthwhile living, but it's also worthwhile sharing with friends (or soon-to-be) and family.

If you are thinking of doing it but don't know with who, if you'd like to have an expert guide for all the curiosities you might encounter or simply if you like to meet new people, the Via degli Dei in Gruppo is what you'll looking for!

Bologna, with its perfectly preserved medieval historic center and its 40 km of porticoes, is the starting point of our journey, Florence, UNESCO heritage site for its importance in architecture and art, is the place of arrival. In the middle of it all the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, with its excellencies: the Pliocene Buttress Nature Reserve, still full of fossils and shells dating back to 4 million years, the "Flaminia Militare", an ancient roman road built in 187 BC, the Trebbio Castle, built by Cosimo I de' Medici to dominate the Mugello valley. And again the Sanctuary of Monte Senario, where the friars offer walkers the "Gemma di abeto" liqueur, secretly prepared on site, and finally the city of Fiesole, considered to be the "terrace" of Florence, a jewel of Etruscan foundation born on the Florentine hills.

This, and so much more is the Via degli Dei, a path that traces a “piece of history” and gives to the numerous trekking  lovers the chance to fully explore and enjoy the untainted beauty of these places.

Please note that the groups are comprised mainly by Italian-speaking people, anyhow all of our guides speak (more or less fluently) English!

The programs you'll find in the links provided  in the following sections are written in Italian, if you require further explanations do not hesitate to ask, in this page you'll find some general information.

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