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LA VIA DEGLI DEI | in 8 Days

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Confine Emilia - Toscana

Where: from Bologna to Florence

Style: Itinerante

Duration: 8 days and 7 nights 

Luggage transfer: Yes, one piece of luggage per person is allowed (without external bags/appendixes) maximum dimensions 55x40x20 cm

Accommodations: Small hotels, family run B&B's, farmhouses, camping with lodging in bungalows/mobile homes or apartments (pool available)

Rooms: as per your request

Bathrooms: en suite / private but outside the room in some cases

Difficulty level●●●● | Moderate  - The Via degli Dei is a route approximately 130 km long which does not present any particular technical difficulties, other than distances and elevation gains (in some challenging sections). The Apennines are a continuous alternation of climbs and descents, therefore adequate preparation is necessary.
We do not recommend this trip to beginners

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