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San Leo


Culture, spirituality, nature and, of course, a deep-rooted food and wine tradition are only a few of the reasons why you should leave for this journey, along the Path of San Francesco, from Rimini to La Verna.

This itinerary traces and connects some of the ancient Franciscan settlements and the places visited by the Saint who crossed these lands several times. Each leg (6 or more depending on your preferences) becomes the narration of the episodes of his life and his preaching. But the Path of San Francesco is not "only" a spiritual journey, it is a spectacular trekking in which you have the chance to discover the unimaginable treasures of a land miles away from the tourist destinations of the Romagna Riviera

A land where you will meet places of art and culture, faith and peace: from the Convent of the Friars Minor in Villa Verrucchio with San Francesco's centuries-old cypress, to the Convent of Sant'Igne, built in 1244 in the woods at the foot of the cliff of San Leo. From fortified villages steeped in history like Verucchio, San Leo and Sant'Agata Feltria, to the woods of the Nature Reserve of Monte Fumaiolo in which, along an ancient Grand-Ducal road, the Hermitage of Sant'Alberico is found.

And again, you will get to know the people of Romagna. A passionate, generous, funny and smiling bunch, you will struggle to forget at the end of the journey!

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