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     ⚠ BASIC INFO ⚠   

Where: from Rimini to La Verna (if needed a private transfer from La Verna can be added)

Style: Itinerant

Duration: 6 days and 5 nights (if needed extra nights can be added)

Accommodations: Hotel, B&B, Guests Quarters at the Sanctuary

Difficulty level:  medium


Culture, spirituality, nature and, of course, a deep-rooted food and wine tradition are only a few of the reasons why you should leave for this journey, along the Path of San Francesco, from Rimini to La Verna.

This itinerary traces and connects some of the ancient Franciscan settlements and the places visited by the Saint who crossed these lands several times. Each leg (6 or more depending on your preferences) becomes the narration of the episodes of his life and his preaching. But the Path of San Francesco is not "only" a spiritual journey, it is a spectacular trekking in which you have the chance to discover the unimaginable treasures of a land miles away from the tourist destinations of the Romagna Riviera

A land where you will meet places of art and culture, faith and peace: from the Convent of the Friars Minor in Villa Verrucchio with San Francesco's centuries-old cypress, to the Convent of Sant'Igne, built in 1244 in the woods at the foot of the cliff of San Leo. From fortified villages steeped in history like Verucchio, San Leo and Sant'Agata Feltria, to the woods of the Nature Reserve of Monte Fumaiolo in which, along an ancient Grand-Ducal road, the Hermitage of Sant'Alberico is found.

And again, you will get to know the people of Romagna. A passionate, generous, funny and smiling bunch, you will struggle to forget at the end of the journey!


1st day: Rimini – Villa Verucchio (22,4 km - +222 m, -140 m)

It starts from the beautiful historic center of Rimini, the "gateway" of our journey, to quickly reach the first hills upstream of the city and the Marecchia valley. Continuing we arrive in Vergiano where you can discover a small chapel, a tribute to an ancient tradition: here San Francesco was hosted in a modest house where they offered him a stick as support for the journey (the current centuries-old cypress tree of Villa Verucchio). Overnight in Verucchio.


2nd day: Villa Verucchio – San Leo

(21,8 km - + 705 m, -204 m)

Departure for the medium-high Valmarecchia, between steep cliffs dominated by fortified fortresses. In several places you will have breathtaking views from the ridge, with a view of San Leo (still distant), the castle of Montebello, the Pincio and Aquilone mountains also called the “Vescovo che dorme” (sleeping Bishop) for the unmistakable shape that made it an important orientation point for the Romei pilgrims, who descended as far as Rimini then traveled along the Valmarecchia to devalue towards Rome at the Viamaggio pass (Via Major). Among pastures, cultivated fields and wooded spots, you reach the Convent of Sant'Igne, one of the most significant destinations of the path. Overnight in San Leo.


3rd day: San Leo - Sant’Agata Feltria (20,2 km - +800 m/ -780 m)

From San Leo, a medieval town built on a mighty overhanging boulder, you descend again to the bottom of the valley and then go up to the opposite ridge in the Savio Valley where Sant’Agata Feltria is located, a splendid ancient village rich in spirituality and mystical places. Overnight in Sant’agata Feltria.


4th day: Sant’Agata Feltria – Balze di Verghereto (22,2 km - +1178 m, -678 m)

The landscape changes radically, passing from a bucolic and rural to a mountain environment, typical of the Apennines. Along the way you will reach the Hermitage of Sant’Alberico, documented since 1043 and, according to an ancient tradition, founded by San Romualdo. From here San Francesco passed back to La Verna. Continuing in the woods you will meet the splendid stone road, called "Via Granducale", because it was built by the Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany for a grace received. Overnight in Balze.

5th: Balze di Verghereto - La Verna (23 km - +810 m, -720 m)

We are now between Romagna and Tuscany, under the rocky wall of Monte Fumaiolo. Between pastures and woods you climb to Poggio Tre Vescovi (1238 m) where the ridge path is part of an ancient medieval road. You then reach the Passo delle Gualanciole and the Passo delle Pratelle (1075 m), the junction point with the Via di Francesco which leads from La Verna to Rome. You will descend steeply to the Croce della Calla (1135m), under the wall of Monte Penna, to arrive, through a beech forest, at the Santuario della Verna (1128m), the point of arrival of your journey. Spiritual dinner and overnight at the guesthouse of the Sanctuary of La Verna.

6° giorno: La Verna

La Verna Sanctuary and return

Please ask us for a quote on private trasfers, as the return to civilization with public transports it's a journey on it's own.


690,00 € per person (travelling alone)

470,00 € per person (in 2+ people)

The price includes:

  • Overnight stay with breakfast in hotels, farmhouses or B&Bs;

  • Luggage transport from one stage to another;

  • Dinner with the brothers of the La Verna Sanctuary for the last night;

  • Walking notes of the itinerary;

  • Liability insurance.


The price does not include: 

  • Single room surcharge;

  • Packed lunches (+ 38€, day 2 to 5), dinners where not indicated, additional and extra food and drinks in general;

  • The transfer to the place of departure;

  • Anything not mentioned in "the price includes" section.


A deposit of about the 30% of the total amount of the package is required upon confirmation of your booking. In case your booking is requested within the 30 days prior to departure we will request the whole balance.

In order to satisfy your requests, booking should be sent at least 15 days in advance - 30 in June, July and August.

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