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Italy as you've never seen it before.

Our country is not only “Pizza, Pasta, and Mandolino” but every region (and there are 20!) offers different panoramas, villages, cultures, traditions and flavors. We won't take you to see the more classic tourist routes, but we'll show you new routes - on foot -  off the beaten path to discover a more authentic and exclusive side of Italy.

Get in touch and ask us for a custom proposal, we will build your itinerary and give you the quote based on your requirements!


  • Organization of your tailor made trip

  • Local Guide during all the duration of your trip

  • Traditional and welcoming accommodations

  • Luggage transport

  • Guaranteed 24 h on-site assistance


San Leo
Grande Traversata Elbana.jpg
Image by Angela C
Garda 2021 (4).jpg
Lake Garda
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Portofino Italy. The harbour with its cl
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Cammino di San Francesco

From the Riviera to the Forests of the Tuscan Apennines

San Leo


Culture, spirituality, nature and, of course, a deep-rooted food and wine tradition are only a few of the reasons why you should leave for this journey, along the Path of San Francesco, from Rimini to La Verna.

This itinerary traces and connects some of the ancient Franciscan settlements and the places visited by the Saint who crossed these lands several times. Each leg (6 or more depending on your preferences) becomes the narration of the episodes of his life and his preaching. But the Path of San Francesco is not "only" a spiritual journey, it is a spectacular trekking in which you have the chance to discover the unimaginable treasures of a land miles away from the tourist destinations of the Romagna Riviera

A land where you will meet places of art and culture, faith and peace: from the Convent of the Friars Minor in Villa Verrucchio with San Francesco's centuries-old cypress, to the Convent of Sant'Igne, built in 1244 in the woods at the foot of the cliff of San Leo. From fortified villages steeped in history like Verucchio, San Leo and Sant'Agata Feltria, to the woods of the Nature Reserve of Monte Fumaiolo in which, along an ancient Grand-Ducal road, the Hermitage of Sant'Alberico is found.

And again, you will get to know the people of Romagna. A passionate, generous, funny and smiling bunch, you will struggle to forget at the end of the journey!

Grande Traversata Elbana

Discover the colors and perfumes of the Elba Island 

Grande Traversata Elbana.jpg


A trek in a beautiful island full of colors, Mediterranean scents and a variety of incredible landscapes.

Every day we'll leave the coast to reach the hills and mountains that run across this island, enjoying the unobstructed views of our surroundings. In the afternoon, we'll once again reach the beach for a refreshing swim to end our day.

Visiting this island in the quieter months of spring or autumn, allows us to discover an underworld made of delicate balances, historical, cultural and natural values that deserve to be appreciated.

The crossing of the whole island on foot, between sea and sky, will be not only an opportunity for knowledge, but also a reason for personal enrichment in one of the most evocative landscapes of the Mediterranean.

Around Lake Garda

From Gargnano to Garda, a journey across three Regions 

Garda 2021 (4).jpg


A journey to discover places around Lake Garda still not reached from the masses, we will cross through 3 regions: Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto.

The horseshoe  pattern of the path will allow us to contemplate the stages already covered and those that lay ahead. We will walk among olive groves, vineyards, cultivated fields, mountain paths. Crossing small and large villages of great beauty along the way, among sanctuaries, Romanesque churches and, hermitages with breathtaking views.

Cammino dei Borghi Silenti

Discovering Umbria's hidden gems 



The Cammino dei Borghi Silenti unravels along the slopes of the Amerini Mountains, a limestone massif located in south-western Umbria. The Path's name derives from the charming silence that distinguishes the places crossed; it really seems to travel out of time and space.

The Amerini Mountains are an area of ​​exceptional environmental, historical and cultural value. The territory appears in some stretches very wild, especially for its scarce anthropization.

We'll cross through a mosaic of ecosystems passing from chestnut, Turkey oak and hornbeam woods to one of the largest and most intact holm oak woods in central Italy. Added to this is the typical Mediterranean scrub with its colors and scents.

The Amerini Mountains also boast the presence of a SCI (Site of Community Importance), established according to the criteria of the Habitats Directive, within which the presence of the wolf and the wild cat is signaled.

During the journey we stop on Monte Croce di Serra which, with its almost 1000 m above sea level, offers the opportunity to admire a breathtaking landscape. The view spans 360 degrees, embracing Tuscia, southern Tuscany, the Sibillini Mountains and the small historic centers nestled around the mountains.

Walking the path will allow us to discover villages, fortresses and castles as well as the suggestive Umbrian-Etruscan necropolis of the Vallone San Lorenzo.

Cammino dei Briganti

On the traces of the Cartore Bandits



We are in a border area, the one between Abruzzo and Lazio (today) and, between the Papal States and the Bourbon Kingdom (in the past).

Here once lived the bandits, which moved from one side to another depending on the threat, fighting against the invasion of the Savoys who had coerced the people to join the army. They were free spirits, who didn't want to submit to the new masters, and for this reason they had gone into hiding.

A story also made of kidnappings, ransoms and violence. A story from 150 years ago.

The Cammino dei Briganti is a journey that describes a minor Italy, unspoiled nature, small villages where the sense of hospitality is still a great value.


Sapori di Sicilia

From the slopes of Mount Etna to the baroque pearls of the South

oasi di vendicari_calamosche.jpg


A voyage through the most authentic Sicily, seen from the eyes of a Sicilian, who will tell you about it step by step from every point of view.

A trip for conscious travelers who start their journey with a purpose and want to return with a benefit.

History, art, nature and food, these are the contents of this magnificent journey made at a walking pace!

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